hen Sony introduced the cassette Walkman in the early 80s, I was on it from the start. In the predigital era, mix tapes were the only way to customize your portable listening experience, and I made dozens and dozens of them

complete with elaborate cover inserts. I compiled the master on a chrome or metal cassette which I never played afterward except to dub copies from it. After the advent of compact discs, I eventually stopped giving them away because no one owned a tape deck anymore, and I began converting them to CD. Below are many of the mix CDs I've made, and most of them started out life as a cassette tape. Click for track listings.

Stoned: Bootlegs and B Sides

Merry Funkin Xmas

Power To The People

Monkey Time


Unsweetened Lemonade


Prince B 2 Nasty



Sister Rays

Guilty Pleasures

James Carroll Booker III

Elvis vs Black People


No Parking On The Dance Floor

The Brown Sugar Show

Purple 12 Inches

Jelly Roll

Ice Cream





Komedy Klassics

Anne Sexton and Her Kind

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