My Rolling Stones bootlegs and B sides mix.
I collected these tracks from vinyl sources long before CDs existed.
Much better sounding versions later came out on digital bootlegs like Genuine Black Box.
The cover was drawn by William Stout from a bootleg called Welcome to New York.

1 Exile On Main Street Blues 1:27

This short boogie features Mick along with unaccompanied piano singing a little ditty with lyrics comprised mostly of the song titles from the Exile album strung together. Officially released as a 7" flexidisc along with an issue of New Musical Express in 1972 and intercut with song clips from the album, this is the rare unedited take.

2 Two Trains Running 9:49

Cut in 1968, this ten minute moody mojo voodoo version of the Muddy Waters song has to be the darkest blues cover the Stones ever recorded.

3 Who's Driving Your Plane? 3:14

The B side of the "Have you Seen You Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow?" single poses a second roll and roll query in the form of a barrelhouse stomp in which Mick, as Roy Carr put it, "once again brutalises the fairer sex with genuine menace."

4 Cook Cook Blues 4:11

B side of the "Rock And A Hard Place" single from the Steel Wheels album and an example of how even in their advanced dotage they can cut a great straight blues song, except now they won't put them on their albums anymore.

5 Bluesberry Jam 3:08

Recorded in 1972 in Montreaux, Switzerland for the German program Beat Club. Ian Stewart on piano.

6 All Down The Line 4:33

Another studio version of this song was released in 1972 on Exile, but this version dates back to the 1969 recording sessions at Muscle Shoals, with some gorgeous acoustic guitar work by Keith.

7 Sweet Virginia 4:28

Live in New York City during 1972, including the continuing misadventures of the stitchwork on Mick's pants.

8 We Had It All 2:51

Keith and the band sans Mick in 1979, this is maybe Keith's most touching and overt Gram Parsons homage. Harmonica by Sugar Blue.

9 You Got The Silver 2:53

Same instrumental track as the cut on Let It Bleed but with Keith's vocal debut replaced by Mick singing.

10 Cocksucker Blues 3:27

Recorded in 1970, the Stones owed Decca Records one more song and then they were finished with their recording contract. This is the song they handed over.

11 Stoned 2:08

Originally the B side of the Stones' single of "I Wanna Be Your Man" in 1963, this song was withdrawn due to its objectionable moral ramifications and replaced with "Not Fade Away."

12 Andrew's Blues 3:01

Fooling around in a London studio in 1964 with Phil Spector and Gene Pitney, the Stones came up with this salacious tribute to their manager Andrew Loog Oldham.

13 Cherry Oh Baby 3:34

Much more primtive sounding than the version released on Black And Blue, the production on this cut sound as if the lads were channeling the Studio One mixing console.

14 You Can't Always Get What You Want 4:16

Studio outtake from the Let It Bleed recording sessions.

15 Tumbling Dice 4:29

Recorded in 1972 in Montreaux, Switzerland for the German program Beat Club.

16 Fancy Man Blues 4:54

B side of the "Mixed Emotions" single from the Steel Wheels album.

17 Black Limousine 3:30

B side of the "Like A Rolling Stone" single in 1995.

18 Shake Your Hips 3:32

Recorded in 1972 in Montreaux, Switzerland for the German program Beat Club.

19 Parachute Woman 2:53

From the Rock And Rock Circus in 1968.

20 Happy 3:15

Live in Europe in 1973.

21 Brown Sugar 4:04

This version was cut at Olympic Sound Studios during a birthday party for Keith and features Al Kooper on piano and Eric Clapton on slide guitar. It was almost released as the official version instead.